BRUBECK pas a lot of attention to promotion. We engage in sponsorship activities. Moreover, we are partners of Polish-nationwide mass sports events. We are also engaged in various social and charity events.

BRUBECK Sponsorem 43. Zimowego Biegu Piastów!

BRUBECK Sponsorem Dolnośląskiego Festiwalu Biegów Górskich w Lądku Zdroju

BRUBECK Partnerem Technicznym 56. Biegu Westerplatte. Koszulki już dostepne!

BRUBECK Partnerem Technicznym Triathlon Gdańsk 2018

BRUBECK Iron Run na Festiwalu Biegowym 2018!


BRUBECK Sponsorem Getaway Festival

BRUBECK - Partner Techniczny 4. Gdańsk Maratonu

BRUBECK Sponsor of 42nd Bieg Piastów Ski Race!

We are proud to announce that for another year in a row BRUBECK is the Sponsor of a great ski event - the 42nd Bieg Piastów Ski Race! The Jakuszycka Glade will be pulsing with sports life from 24th February to 4th March. In addition to the prestigious Worldloppet cross-country skiing competitions, the programme will also include night and family cross-country skiing and children's competitions, and all sports events will be accompanied by additional attractions as always. We strongly encourage you to visit the beautiful part of the Jizera Mountains and take part in this international festival of cross-country skiing!


BRUBECK Technical Partner 3. RST of the Świdnicki Halfmarathon

BRUBECK Sponsor of Cycling Piast Run 2017

BRUBECK - Official Technical Partner of Gdańsk Triathlon 2017

BRUBECK - Sponsor of the Summer Piast Run 2017