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BRUBECK is the world leader in innovative 3D knitting technology for functional seamless sport base layer garments. Based in Zduńska Wola - Poland, our production facility is in the heart of an area historically bound to weaving and the textile industry in general. With 150 seamless machines in-house wecan offer the most innovative designs without compromising on efficiency.
By computerised system we fully control the quality of our production process, right from the stage of yarn manufacture to garment finishing. To provide you with the most advanced, unique seamless solutions all our developments are confidentialand legally protected.


Efficient distribution

Our distribution network is another key factor in BRUBECK success – it helps our products reach stores world-wide on time. Our user-friendly Internet portal is a source of updated information and knowledge.
Using the interactive map, finding a shop or contact with our partners is now easy.


In our pursuit for innovation since 2005, we strive to use the newest know-how and yarnsavailable only for the finest seamless 3Dtechnology. For us, seamless means much more than just minimal amount of seams. It is the top range of SANTONI machines that provide us with unlimited fabric construction possibilities in 3D knitting, where we can obtain truly double layer material with open holes, massage ribbing, ventilation mesh and much more, all without a seam.

When it comes to thermo-active clothing, designing involves much more than just sketching a shape of a garment. What is equally important is a proper choice of  yarns and combination of various types of knitwear, as it also translates into the functional values of clothing.

To guarantee their first-class quality, we apply solutions based on the scientific research, experience of professional athletes and our own proprietary knowledge regarding the composition, properties and proper combination of the materials used.